We will be manning an Info Table at The Great Mall for “Ask An Atheist” Day! We will be inviting the general public to ask us questions, and learn something about atheists and our community non-profit. This is a very family friendly styled activity where we hope to change some people’s minds about atheists.

So please do come visit our table to show your support and appreciation for our community volunteers while you enjoy the Great Mall this Thursday evening!

Our table is located inside the Great Mall near Bed Bath & Beyond.

Do keep in mind that like all free speech tables at The Great Mall we are only allowed 2 representatives at any one time. While we want you to stop by, say “Hi”, take photos if you like, post to social media, and even offer to help while another volunteer takes a break, we do not want you to approach the general public or otherwise act as a 3rd authorized representative.

No ACSJ representatives should approach Great Mall patrons to invite them over to the table either. We are only talking (no shouting, please) with people who come to our table as to not disrupt people’s shopping experience. So basically if someone looks at you, you can smile and maybe even wave in a friendly manner, but don’t pressure them to come over. Breaking Great Mall rules will result in us being asked to leave, so please be considerate. The Great Mall, unlike some other malls, are allowing us this opportunity (free of charge).  We very much appreciate this and wish to thank the management at Great Mall for granting us this privilege.

If you’d like to read the complete Great Mall Free Speech Tabling rules, please contact Kurtis, our “Ask An Atheist Day” lead, or ACSJ president Lyn.


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