The Atheist Community of San Jose is proud to present 

An Evening with Matt Dillahunty.

Matt Dillahunty was raised a Southern Baptist, but is now best known as the affable, informed and quick-witted host of The Atheist Experience. Our evening will open with an interview, where Matt will talk about his early days as a Christian, his experiences debating young earthers, anti-science fanatics and every other brand of religious thinkers out there. We will learn about his debate techniques (he’s one of the best!) and philosophical style.

During the latter portion of our evening, Matt will answer audience questions – so start thinking about those now! Matt is a very dynamic speaker and this is sure to be our biggest event yet. Seating is extremely limited, so RSVP soon to guarantee your spot.

Read more about Matt’s background here.

Watch The Atheist Experience streaming live on Sunday’s at 2:30 PM.

Matt has also started a Patreon video project.

Support Matt by purchasing one of his t-shirts and bring it to the event for an autograph!

This event will require a donation of $10 (at the door) to help pay for costs associated with Matt’s travel, honorarium and venue. All donations are tax deductible, please donate more so we can continue to bring you the best guests!

See you there!

Brian Broome
President and Founder