Tonight marks the second anniversary for the Atheist Community of San Jose! Join us in celebration as we focus tonight’s event on the most vital part of the community – YOU! 

We are breaking our format in honor of the birthday celebration and opening up the microphone to our membership. We would like to invite each member to take the stage and tell us a little about yourself. For those of you with stage fright, never fear, this is not mandatory! 

Each volunteer to the stage should plan for three minutes or less to share your story. Don’t worry, we will be keeping time for you. The topic will be yours to decide! For example: you can give us your deconversion story, talk about your family, your job or maybe something unique about yourself. If you are musically inclined, maybe play us a song. Show us what you are passionate about, this is our chance to get to know you. 

Look for the sign-up sheet at the name tag table. We will call off the names in order, so you can add your name at the top of the list or more towards the bottom if you want to take the stage closer to the end. 

And what is a birthday party without cake? 

Oh yes, there will be cake! 

See you there!

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