This is a potential Philanthropy Team sponsored event to work on homes of low-income people to make them safer and nicer to live in. Work ranges from electrical and plumbing to painting walls. There may also be opportunities to help support a project by packing or unpacking supplies and offering other support on the day of the event. All work will be done on the day of the event, 4/25. Time is approximate, be prepared to commit to working the whole day.

We are limited to 10 group members (UPDATE: We can now have 15 volunteers) but we need you to sign up by 3/31. To sign up you must go to the following website and fill out the form. You will need to select the ACSJ from the drop down menu so they know what group you are from.

It is important that we get to 10 members as soon as possible and if you sign up to do this please make sure you can and will do it as space is tight and we want to make a good impression the first time we do this. There are also opportunities for office related work either inputting information into computers, creating maps for people to get to their individual project or packing boxes for use on Rebuilding Day at their warehouse. Please email me if you are interested in any of those side projects: and I will forward your information to the coordinator. 

CORRECTION: Apparently you can sign up to volunteer for other things than rebuilding day using that sign up form, so please take advantage of that. Other work will not be done on homes but be more like packing boxes or office work.

Edit: We a project assigned and a location for our group to show up at. I will add information about how people can participate if they missed the cutoff for signing up through the other website.

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