A lot has happened with the Atheist Community of San Jose this year, and what better way to end the year than to have a tree at Christmas in the Park!

That’s right, there is no war on Christmas from these atheists, and we had a wonderful time decorating our tree. Of course, don’t expect just the regular kind of ornaments. We do have snow flakes, regular lights and a few shiny ornaments. Even better, we have ornaments that reflect the variety of the atheist’s interest from geodes and a trilobite, to Star Wars figures, a booklet written by Thomas Paine, evolution, and unicorns. Lastly, but equally fun and important, the Flying Spaghetti Monster tops the tree!

Here are a few pix, but if you are in the area, do check out our tree! We are about four trees away from the Nativity Scene! Funny, yeah, we think so.


Dana Nourie

I'm passionate about science, enjoy hiking, and learning to play the violin and viola.

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