Position: Article Editor

Time Commitment: ~2 hrs / week


  • Attend the Regular Meetup events and other ACSJ Meetup events.
  • Communicate with article contributors to ensure article guidelines are being met.
  • Proofread articles and send new drafts back to article contributors for review.
  • Coordinate with ACSJ website team to ensure article contributors are given thepermissions and instructions in order to submit approved articles to the ACSJ website.
  • Review articles on the ACSJ website after they are submitted to ensure quality standards have been met.
  • Remove articles that do not meet quality standards and speak with the contributor to resolve the issues discovered.


  • ACSJ Meetup member
  • Interest in written articles
  • Proofreading skills
  • Availability to attend ACSJ events and review ACSJ articles online access.

Contact: Send email to contact@sanjoseatheists.org

I'm passionate about science, enjoy hiking, and learning to play the violin and viola.

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