The Mission of the Atheist Community of San Jose (ACSJ) is to develop and support the atheist community and to provide opportunities for socializing, philanthropy, education, and friendship. We promote a positive public perception of atheists and secularists, and work with other organizations in pursuit of common goals.

The Purpose of the ACSJ, as codified in the Articles of Incorporation, is to educate the public about: atheism, skepticism, and free thought; the advantages and benefits of a secular society; the rewards of community diversity that includes atheists; and secular morality as a sound basis for humanitarianism and service to the community.

Member Presentations:

  1. Content:
    1. Members are encouraged to develop, prepare, and deliver presentations on topics relevant atheism, secularism, and skepticism.
    2. Members should review the mission and purpose of the ACSJ to ensure that presentation content and material both supports and does not conflict with this mission and purpose.
    3. Member presentations shall not contain the ACSJ logo without prior approval by the ACSJ Board of Directors.
      1. Use of the ACSJ logo may imply and/or allow to be inferred the organization’s endorsement of presentation content.
      2. The ACSJ cannot endorse content that conflicts with the organization’s mission or purpose, or with IRS rules regulating authorized activities of 501(c)(3) organizations.
      3. Therefore, the ACSJ Board of Directors retains oversight authority regarding all uses of the ACSJ logo.
  2. Format:
    1. Presentations are typically 15-20 mins in duration.
    2. Presenters are encouraged to defer audience questions to the Question & Answer (Q&A) session.
    3. The Q&A session immediately follows the presentation.
    4. The Q&A session will be conducted and moderated by the ACSJ host.
  3. Submission:
    1. All presentation materials (slides, videos, etc) must be submitted 48 hrs prior to the presentation
    2. Email submitted presentation materials to
  4. Disclaimer:
    1. The content of member presentations, and any associated materials and commentary, do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of the ACSJ or its Board of Directors.

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26 March 2014

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