Policy Date: 01 Mar 2015

The purpose of this document is to establish the official policy that governs the posting of articles on the Atheist Community of San Jose (ACSJ) website. The intent is to provide the ACSJ Board of Directors (BoD) oversight and veto authority over those articles that do not meet the standard set forth in this policy statement.

The purpose of an article is to promote community and provide a mechanism for education, information, and expression. Members are encouraged to post articles on the ACSJ website that comply with the following policy. It is at the discretion of the ACSJ BoD to disallow any article that does not comply with the following policy. All articles are subject to review for compliance with this policy.

  1. Article Author
    1. Contributors must be active participants in the organization. One goal of the ACSJ is to develop and support the community of atheists, and not simply to promote the content of other organizations. Thus, a member must demonstrate their active participation in the ACSJ community in order to post ACSJ articles.
      1. An “active participant” is defined as a member who participates in at least 2 qualifying meetup events/activities in any given span of 3 months.
      2. A qualifying meetup event/activity for a given member is one not suggested by that member.
    2. No contributors will be compensated for their work.
  2. Article Content
    1. All articles must both support and not conflict with the ACSJ Mission and Purpose. (Note: please review the ACSJ Mission and Purpose statements here)
    2. Articles should address relevant topics related to atheism, skepticism, secularism and/or science.
    3. Articles must contain original content generated by the author.
  3. Article Format
    1. The article must contain a unique and descriptive title.
    2. The author name must be the real full name of that ACSJ member.
    3. The word count must be between 450-5000 words.
    4. The article must be correct with regard to spelling and grammar.
    5. The article must have a Featured Image. (Note: use the images in the Media Library tab, or upload an image by clicking Upload Files)
    6. The article must respect copyrights for all images and text. (Note: don’t just grab content from the internet)
    7. The article must include all appropriate references and source attributions.

Approved: 11 Mar 201