The Atheist Community of San Jose (ACSJ) is an organization for atheists and like-minded non-believers, founded to develop and support the atheist community and to provide opportunities for socializing, philanthropy, education, and friendship.     We promote a positive public perception of atheists and secularists, and work with other organizations in pursuit of common goals.
The purpose of the ACSJ, as codified in the organization’s Articles of Incorporation, is to educate the public about: atheism, skepticism, and free thought; the advantages and benefits of a secular society; the rewards of community diversity that includes atheists; and secular morality as a sound basis for humanitarianism and service to the community.

Board of Directors

Donnie Winstead


Donnie is a Bay Area native who grew up in the East Bay area. He moved to San Jose in 2011 when he began attending San Jose State University, where he received is B.A. in Psychology. Over the last several years Donnie has become more and more involved in

Sean Washington

Social Director

Adopted from Seoul Korea to San Jose California, Sean has lived his life as an open atheist before he even knew what the term meant. He became a self identified atheists in high school. In 2013 Shortly after leaving his game designer job at a Christian Bi

Lyn Chiu


Valley native and outspoken secular humanist, Lyn eagerly joined just two months after ACSJ was founded. Determined to help serve her community, within a year she accepted a role on the board of directors. Prior to ACSJ’s three year anniversary, she

Support Staff

Past Board Members

Scot Haire

Vice President, Secretary, Founder

Apr 2013 – Feb 2016