The Atheist Community of San Jose (ACSJ) is an organization for atheists and like-minded non-believers, founded to develop and support the atheist community and to provide opportunities for socializing, philanthropy, education, and friendship.
Indeed, organizing atheists has been compared to herding cats, because they tend to think independently and will not conform to authority. But a good first step would be to build up a critical mass of those willing to 'come out,' thereby encouraging others to do so. Even if they can't be herded, cats in sufficient numbers can make a lot of noise and they cannot be ignored.” ~ Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion


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General Fund

The General Fund provides financial support for ACSJ administrative and operating costs. These costs include (but are not limited to): speaker fees; speaker travel and lodging costs; venue costs; equipment purchases (video, audio, recording, etc); event supplies; marketing, advertising, and promotio

Goal $5,000 Raised $30
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Christmas in the Park

The ACSJ is participating in the Christmas in the Park event by purchasing a tree. This purchase contributes charitable financial support to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and promotes a positive public perception of atheists.The Fairmont Hotel is partnering with Christmas in the Park and The Leu

Goal $1,000 Raised $5